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How to choose children’s snacks to be beneficial?

More than half of children’s daily sugar intake comes from sweetened snacks and drinks. The body will convert sugar that is received in excess of what is needed into stored fat. And it leads to diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. In addition, snacks contain

Precautions for eating yogurt.

For the general public Eating yogurt as food is relatively safe. Applying yogurt inside the vagina is also unlikely to cause any harm. With no reports of many side effects from use. But there have cases where users have gotten sick from using yogurt contaminated with other types

Protein foods that are good for vegetarians.

In fact, all fruits and vegetables contain protein. Some types may have small quantities. However, some types have enough quantity to complement a vegetarian meal. Examples of protein-rich foods that are easily available and affordable are as follows: 1. Soybeans  It is a food that provides more than

Is Soy Milk Really Beneficial?

Soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. By grinding soybeans with water and then squeezing and filtering out the residue. You may add additional seasoning by adding salt or sugar menu. Soybean milk contains protein from soybeans. Contains natural fibers that are good for the digestive system And

Klopp criticizes the Premier League for organizing a program

Klopp criticizes the Premier League for organizing a program for Liverpool to fight Manchester City at noon after the international break. Liverpool will travel to Manchester City, playing the first match after the two-week international break, which makes Jurgen Klopp very upset. Jurgen Klopp, the

How to eat helps reduce “high blood pressure” ?

How to eat helps reduce “high blood pressure” ? How to eat helps reduce “high blood pressure” ? If you are unsure whether you can eat properly or not. You can consult your doctor who treats high blood pressure. Or consult a dietitian / nutritionist as well. And

5 causes of “swollen feet”

5 causes of “swollen feet“ Although the feet are one of the most important organs of the body. Because we use our feet each day is quite heavy. And few people take care of the feet as well as other organs. In addition to using our feet to