“Higuain” revealed that he almost joined the arch

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Ex-Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain has revealed he was close to joining Arsenal in 2013, but the English club ended up paying for Mesut Ozil

Higuain from Madrid. Napoli in 2013 for around €40 million

, Higuain said of the matter via UFABET Sports : “Before I moved to Napoli there was a chance [to move to Arsenal]. They don’t buy me They bought Ozil for 80 million euros or something

like that. – We don’t have much budget. You were too expensive – then I played for Napoli.

“Two days later I saw Ozil move for 80 million euros,” the Argentine forward said with a laugh

. Madrid in the same summer as But reports say Arsenal paid around 50 million euros only.

Higuain and Ozil played together for Real Madrid and won one La Liga title together. In 2013, Higuain ended up signing for Napoli for €39 million. In a recent interview with TyC Sports, he revealed how multiple clubs were interested in signing him, including Arsenal.

The Gunners told him they didn’t have the money. However, they signed Ozil for €47 million a few days after the Argentine joined Napoli.

Currently plays in the United States with Inter Miami, while Ozil was dropped from Arsenal to join Fernebahce.