10 Master Roulette Formulas play and earn money

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Appease novice casino surfers with roulette formulas that are popularly used by experts. Play and win real money Let’s give away for you to experiment with up to 10 formulas together. Let’s see which formula will turn you into a master of spinning wheels in the blink of an eye. สมัคร UFABET

1. Roulette formula, repeated bets from past statistics 

Study the statistics of the past results to be like before. Then bring it to notice that the result comes out as an even number, odd, down in the high or low box, for example, if the result is already an odd number 5 times, you bet again the next time Because there is a relatively high chance of leaving in the original period 

2. Roulette formula, alternate bets 

It is similar to the previous formula. due to having to study the statistics first to see how the results were in the past If the result comes out as a number with alternating color slots such as black, red, black, red, black, both times you bet on the latest color immediately. Because the chance of the result will be alternated next time is less likely. 

3. Roulette formula, bet on horizontal traps

Another formula with reference to the results of previous rounds. that the result comes out in which horizontal row is the most which we will be based on the statistic that results 3 or more iterations. If the first result comes out in the 1st row ,  the subsequent result is in the 2nd row and  the next result is in the 2nd row. 2 It can be concluded that the results will be alternated in these two rows, 1 st  and 2 nd  . On the next bet, place a trap bet in advance of these two rows.

4. Roulette formula, bets trap both in horizontal row and high-low. 

For this formula is based on statistics from the past 3 times as well. How do the results in the last 3 sessions affect the highs and lows? 

  • The results come out in the range of 1-18 is considered a low range.
  • The results came out in the range of 19-36 considered high. 

After knowing the results after 3 times, see that When is the prize draw? If 3 consecutive Lows come out, bet Over High instead for the next bet. because there is a chance to exit in the high range more than the low period that have been repeated up to 3 times 

5. Roulette formula, bet on 6 numbers in 5 positions

For this formula, a 30-number trap bet is placed, which is a bet that straddles 6 numbers as 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 until the number 33, chasing each series until complete, except for numbers 0 – 3, 34 – 36 and scatter. equal stake together to create an opportunity to earn profits in that game

6. Roulette formula, black bet, red trap, 12 numbers 

This formula will spread the bet from the color. By choosing 12 numbers in red and placing a small bet to put a lot of capital to bet on black This will reduce the risk of placing your bet to have a chance of winning the game.

7. Roulette formula, bet on all numbers 

This formula will definitely create a chance of winning bets. But the profit will be more or less depending on the planning and the amount of bets By betting in this formula, Corner betting is used or corner betting. It is placed in the middle of the four squares in all squares except 0, 3 and 36. This formula is the most profitable on the 2nd row and  the largest loss on the 1st row .

8. Roulette formula: Play like James Bond (James Bond Roulette Strategy)

How to play James Bond will increase your chances of winning by spreading the risk. The first is to prepare your bets well. Because we will divide the proportions of each type of bet as follows 

  • High bet (numbers 19 – 36) 70%
  • Hunchback 6 numbers (13 – 18) 25% 
  • Stab zero 5% 

9. Roulette formula, find a table to play en prison 

This method may not be a hundred percent formula. But it will suggest a point to create an opportunity to profit from betting. How to play en prison, there will be rules of play that reduce the banker disadvantage rate down to 1.35% that can only bet as much as you can. If you bet on black and the steel ball falls to 0, the dealer will keep your money. and spin the wheel again and if this time go black again you will get your money back 

10. Roulette formula, get away

When you can make a profit No wonder you want to create more. But those who play without knowing the saturation point or his estimate is not correct The accumulated profits will also disappear in the blink of an eye. Therefore, when playing and gaining profit, you stop playing and withdraw money immediately.