Is Soy Milk Really Beneficial?

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Soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. By grinding soybeans with water and then squeezing and filtering out the residue. You may add additional seasoning by adding salt or sugar menu.

Soybean milk contains protein from soybeans. Contains natural fibers that are good for the digestive system And there is an important component which is Isoflavones. After consuming soybean milk The body converts this chemical into phytoestrogen. (Phytoestrogens) that have a structure similar to estrogen (Estrogen). Which is a female hormone that affects the functioning of the reproductive system and various conditions related to this type of hormone. Therefore, scientists expect that various components In soybean milk. Including isoflavones, it may have a beneficial effect on health. And may affect the treatment of certain illnesses ทางเข้า ufabet

There was one study that tested the effectiveness of cow’s milk. flavored soy milk and calcium supplements. That have an effect on reducing fat in premenopausal women who are obese  and overweight. It was found that the consumption of low-fat milk. Such as flavored soy milk Significantly helped reduce obesity and abdominal obesity in the experimental sample.

Another trial compared the effectiveness of soybean milk and skimmed cow’s milk on blood lipid levels. And lipid peroxidation in patients with hypercholesterolemia. The results indicate that soybean juice helps reduce blood lipid levels. And reduces the reaction of free radicals with unsaturated fatty acids in cell walls. Which is beneficial to patients with hyperlipidemia.