Techniques for using eyeshadow correctly Helps your eyes look outstanding and charming.

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Because the eyes cannot deceive. Did you know that the eyes are the most important organs and play the most important role? 80% of learning comes from what the eyes see. In addition to performing the duty of seeing Can also communicate emotions or the characteristics of that person Having a good eye shape Helps boost confidence And it can also help enhance your physiognomy.

For people who have eye problems such as uneven eyes, drooping eyelids, narrow eyes, single eyelids, eyes that aren’t bright, eyes that look like a sleepy person, Promotion ufabet, look tired, and don’t look attractive with makeup. Until it makes you lose confidence. In addition to how to draw eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. make you more beautiful. Let’s see how to make your eyes look bigger. Let’s practice decorating together.

When talking about the longevity of makeup We always recommend applying cream products first and then powder products. To help make the colors brighter and more durable on our skin. It’s not just bronzer, blush, or highlighter. Eyeshadow is another area where this technique can be use as well. It is recommend to choose cream eyeshadow that is in the form of a stick or jar. Apply to eyelids as a base before applying powder eyeshadow.

Choosing the right brush head is very important to achieve perfect eye makeup. Because each type of brush can respond to different types of eye shadow and positions in eye makeup, such as flat-headed brushes used for applying on the eyelid, bushy-headed brushes used for blending eyeshadow. Diffuse, not clumpy, which comes in many sizes to choose from. The fine-tipped brush can be use for dark eyeshadow instead of eyeliner. The rounded pencil tip brush is mostly use to apply bright colors such as glitter or highlighter to the inner corner of the eye. To make the eye bigger.

No matter what kind of eye makeup look, ‘glitter’ is an item that will help add outstandingness to the eyes very well. Because it makes our eyelids look sparkling and plays with light well. There are many styles of glitter to choose from. We can choose to use a small amount of glitter to apply in the inner corner of the eye for an everyday skin-revealing look. To help your eye look fresher. Or use medium-sized or slightly larger glitter. Apply in the center of the eyelid. For a full glam look with super smoky eyes, this is also possible.