How to solve the problem of static electricity in your .

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Static electricity on the hair is cause by a lack of moisture in the hair. and the surrounding environment has low humidity As a result, the hair and the positive and negative charges in the air are not related to each other, creating a repulsive force. As a result, the hair frizzes in different directions. Mostly static hair It usually occurs during low humidity or during the winter months and can also occur in cold or air-conditioned rooms as well.

When static electricity occurs frequently Many people are therefore often worried. Whether it is dangerous or not? Even though the hair tends to frizz from static electricity, there is actually no harm to the hair. In addition to creating frustration and annoyance for girls, that’s all. However, the fact that static electricity often occurs in my hair It may indicate the health of hair that lacks moisture. It easily causes static electricity, so you should not be complacent and should always take care of your hair to be strong and moisturized. ยูฟ่าเบท we have some great tips. Which is a way to solve the problem of static electricity in hair.

Choose shampoo to add moisture to your hair: Of course, how often do you wash your hair? The more it pulls more moisture out of the hair. Therefore, if we are a person who has oily and itchy hair easily. It is recommend to choose a moisturizing shampoo. Because it can help fight dry hair. It also restores the natural balance to the scalp. Because it has both oil and moisture. Including choosing a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates. Surfactants and silicones, as they may be the cause of dry scalp.

Always keep your hair moisturized: Nourish your hair with hair conditioner or hair treatment. Because when we use shampoo to clean the hair In addition to cleaning out dirt from the hair, It also takes away moisture. Therefore, using hair conditioner, hair mask or treatment Therefore adding moisture to the hair deeply to the hair shaft inside. This reduces the problem of frizzy hair and static electricity.

Switch to using a wooden comb instead of a plastic comb: Plastic combs can build up static electricity through friction. Try switching to a wooden comb. Because wooden combs are made from natural materials. It will help preserve our hair and reduce friction because these materials do not have an electrical charge. This is different from synthetic materials like plastic that have a constant electrical charge. The more you comb dry hair, the more it makes it frizzy.

Reduce the use of heat in styling your hair: Try to avoid using high heat when drying or straightening your hair because using heat destroys the moisture of the hair. Therefore, it is the cause of the problem of dry, damaged and frizzy hair. If it’s really unavoidable It is recommend to use heat not exceeding 180 degrees when styling your hair and follow by using hair setting products. To help the hair stay in place instead of using extreme heat.