How much dietary fiber should you eat to be good for your body?

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In addition to the dietary fiber that comes from fruits and vegetables, many people try to eat more. It will help with the digestive system. Reduce the risk of constipation. It also helps reduce the risk of various diseases, from colon cancer , type 2 diabetes , to coronary artery disease. Therefore, dietary fiber is essential to the body.

We should eat about 25 grams of dietary fiber for women, 38 grams for men (under 50 years of age), and elderly people over 50 years of age should consume 21-30 grams of dietary fiber.

We will know the amount of dietary fiber that we can eat. By looking at the nutritional chart on the label of that product. Try to choose foods that have more dietary fiber than in the case of similar products. And please feel comfortable that dietary fiber The more you eat, the better. Except in the case of the elderly who may not eat too much.

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Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate. It’s just that our body cannot digest it and use it as energy. But dietary fiber plays a very important role in maintaining the balance of the digestive system. and excretion As we UFABET often hear, dietary fiber helps with bowel movement. Reduce the problem of constipation.

Two main types of dietary fiber and their benefits for health

  1. Water soluble type – helps absorb toxins and speeds up excretion time. Therefore reducing the chance that the body will absorb various toxins from food, reducing the risk of colon cancer. It also helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Therefore, it can help reduce the amount of insulin used for diabetic patients as well.
  2. Non-water soluble type – helps you feel full more quickly. but does not provide energy Helps the digestive system improve. Helps increase stool weight stimulate excretion Reduce constipation Reduce the accumulation of waste in our intestines.

Both types of dietary fiber have different strengths. But there is a common point that is suitable for girls: it is a very good help in reducing weight. Because dietary fiber will swell in the stomach. Makes you eat less, feel full quickly, feel full for a long time, and reduce appetite. Therefore helping to reduce weight. And nowadays there are many foods and drinks that increase the amount of fiber. or dietary fiber To help control weight at the same time and getting enough nutrients and energy.

A source of high dietary fiber that is easily available near you.

  • Dietary fiber in whole grains: especially corn, brown rice, wheat, and oats. The germ of these cereals is also rich in vitamin B, vitamin E and good fatty acids. That is beneficial to the body.
  • Dietary fiber in all types of vegetables and fruits.
  • Dietary fiber in beverages: such as fiber-infused milk, ready-made coffee. Instant cereal drinks, etc., which have added dietary fiber such as inulin and oligofructose. which is considered a source of good quality dietary fiber For more health benefits

Techniques for eating fiber for good health : You should gradually add dietary fiber to your diet, a little at a time, at every meal. and drink enough water So that the body can gradually adjust and not feel bloated.