Causes of ringworm and how to treat it.

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Eczema is a common skin disease. It can happen to all genders and all ages. The cause is a fungus that is commonly found on the ground. Fungi can cause disease in both humans and animals. It can happen to every part of the body. But it is often found in damp areas. Important causes of ringworm What actually came from it? Often found in damp areas

Ringworm is cause by fungus on the skin. Dermatophyte group (Dermatophytes) that can grow well using our dead skin cells as food. It can be easily transmitt through touching sick people or sharing things. With people who have ringworm ufabet Including various types of pets are also carriers of ringworm. Ringworm can affect all genders and all ages. But it is often found in people who often live in damp places or children and people. Who sweat a lot Because clothes tend to get damp more often than other people’s.

Can occur all over the body. It will look like a circle and have a red border, quite raised and accompanied by itching. It usually occurs when the body is wet or damp for a long time.

Fungus that causes ringworm It is a fungus in the Dermatophytes group. Ringworm is a contagious disease from person to person. From animals to people or from the environment to people Can be contact by direct contact Or through mold spores on items such as towels, bedsheets and clothing, including being in a humid environment, you may also get mold spores.

This type of fungus grows using keratin in the epidermis as food. Ringworm occurs on the outermost layer of the skin. Hair and nails include on the body, arms and legs, scalp and hair, Around the genitals and anus, nails, Foot.

    How to protect yourself

    1. Clean the body thoroughly. At least 2 times a day
    2. After cleaning the body Should be wipe dry.
    3. You should change clothes every day. and avoid damp clothing
    4. Avoid touching or sharing things with someone who has ringworm.